Free Amazon Gift Card Codes {Legit Ways + Working Codes List}

free amazon gift card codes

Everyone I know is always looking to keep their budgets under control by reducing their expenses.

And because there’s always something for everyone on Amazon, a proven method you can use to save a few bucks while making purchases for yourself or buying gift items for your family members and friends online is by using Amazon gift cards.

Amazon gift cards are essentially special top-up vouchers that can be exchanged for various items on the official Amazon website.

They have become a popular method of payment for side hustles.

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The free Amazon gift cards will enable you to buy essential items and just about anything else you want at reduced rates.

Here’s how it works: a unique set of numbers called the Amazon gift card code is what you can redeem for Amazon cash.

That’s right, apart from getting awesome rewards with working Amazon gift card codes, you can also receive Amazon cash which can be used to shop online.

To obtain the Amazon gift card, you generally have to purchase them from the official Amazon website with actual money, or from recommended online stores and supermarkets in the US.

But we’re here to tell you that you can earn free Amazon gift cards by performing an assortment of quick and straightforward tasks online.

Here’s how:

Proven Apps & Websites for You to Get Your Free Amazon Gift Card 2020

We will begin by showing you how to get free Amazon gift cards fast with the following recommended reward apps.

  1. Gift Wallet

Let’s introduce you to a superfast and easy-to-use app you can use to obtain free Amazon gift cards, PayPal cash, and other rewards at zero cost.

The Gift Wallet app will make earning the Amazon gift card code a whole lot easier. It is a lightweight app that can boast of having over 5 million downloads & installs on the Google Play store along with an impressive 4.6 out of 5-star rating. You’ll only have to perform some simple tasks and Gift Wallet will reward you with points. These tasks may include downloading and using other recommended apps.

The reward points gathered here can later be used to redeem popular gift cards which may include the free Amazon gift cards.

  1. Quiz Rewards

This next reward app is one you can use to earn rewards points after playing trivia quiz games directly on your Android smartphone or tablet. With the Quiz Rewards Android application, you too can own a popular reward tool for side hustles that has already earned the trust of millions of users all over the world.

The points earned on Quiz Rewards can be used to claim your free Amazon gift cards along with the free Amazon money code.

  1. AppNana

This is AppNana; a trendy reward app for mobile that is currently available for use on Android smartphones. It can also provide you with free Amazon gift cards after you must have completed the tasks assigned to your profile and earned enough reward points.

AppNana will reward you with points for downloading and using recommended apps and from you completing various offers. Moreover, AppNana rewards its users with 400 free points simply for signing in every day. Also, when you use the referral links to invite someone else to join the growing AppNana community, you will get extra rewards.

  1. Woohoo

You too can download the Woohoo app to enable effortless transfers of free Amazon gift cards to your friends and loved ones from one of the most reliable online gift cards shops. It’s really quite simple; Wohoo was developed to facilitate seamless gift card transfers among its expanding community of users.

You can also use the free Woohoo app to purchase and store your preferred gift cards. Moreover, you can customize these gift card offerings before gifting them to your friends and family members. Woohoo even enables gift card transfers via SMS, email, and WhatsApp.

  1. AppKarma

Unique reward opportunities await you once you install the Appkarma app. You will earn rewards once you spend time playing with a recommended app on Appkarma. The more time you spend using these apps, the more reward points you can accumulate.

Once you’ve earned enough rewards, you can exchange them for free Amazon gift cards along with your Amazon gift card code plus a ton of other awesome freebies you could use.

  1. AppBounty

Have you been wondering how to get free Amazon gift cards fast? With AppBounty, you can rest assured that you have a proven source of the free Amazon gift card 2020. This awesome and free gift card app comes with several offers you can complete as well as a variety of recommended apps to download and use.

Completing any of the tasks assigned to your profile will get you rewarded in points that you can swap for the free Amazon gift card no surveys.

Other Websites and Methods to Obtain Your Free Amazon Gift Cards & Codes 2020

This section of our guide is where we identify other proven methods you can use to get the Amazon gift card code along with your free Amazon gift cards.

  1. Free Amazon Gift Card Codes List(Updated Weekly)

This is where you’ll find the working Amazon Gift Card Codes you’ve been waiting for. They can provide access to free gifts on Amazon plus a ton of other cool stuff.

We have gathered free Amazon gift card codes from different popular sources such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Rebel mouse, Instagram, and Pinterest. You too can check them out right now!

  1. Websites for Generating Free Amazon Gift Card Code


Apart from trusted reward apps, you can also earn free Amazon gifts and gift card codes via different websites. This particular domain is free-to-use and features advanced algorithms for generating working Amazon gift cards. Visit if you wish to generate free Amazon gift card codes as quickly as possible.


The domain is quite similar to the one mentioned above. It was developed to generate working Amazon gift card codes for its users at zero cost. You won’t even be required to sign up or supply any personal details before you can generate your Amazon gift card free of charge.

How to Convert Your Free Amazon Gift Card Codes

Once you have acquired the Amazon gift card codes successfully, you can proceed to redeem them by following the simple steps below:

  • Start by copying your generated (or earned) Amazon gift card code from the app or website.
  • Visit the official Amazon website or launch the Amazon app and then go to the section for Gift Cards.
  • Paste your Amazon gift card code in the space provided under the Gift Card section.
  • After some brief seconds of processing your free Amazon gift card code, the rewards will be transferred into your Amazon account.

Final Thoughts

Here ends our guide on how to get the free Amazon gift card 2020. We hope you were able to learn a lot from it.

Go ahead and put this knowledge to good use.

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